Resettlement to the US

One of the main goals of any DP Camp refugee was to get resettled to a country that was willing to take them in as an immigrant. Able-bodied and unmarried individuals in their 20s were able to emigrate fairly easily, but older people and married couples with more than 1 or 2 children were considered to be "difficult to resettle".

Oleksii, now nearly 60 years old, was definitely in the "difficult to resettle" category. To be allowed into the US, he had to provide an "Assurance" from a sponsor already in the US who would promise to provide financial support for the immigrant. He was able to get such a sponsorship from his son-in-law.

Various Ukrainian-American and Ukrainian-Canadian organizations were formed to help DPs immigrate to North America. One such organization was the "United Ukrainian American Relief Committee" of Philadelphia, who helped Oleksii reach the US.

Oleksii crossed the Atlantic in 1950 aboard the "General Greely", and traveled by train from New York to Chicago.

He arrived in Chicago on March 28, 1950 to begin life in yet another foreign country.