Acquisition criteria

A number of criteria guide the decision whether an artifact, artwork, or archival collection is accepted into the permanent collection of the Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center.

  • Does the item or collection meet the Center's collecting scope?
  • Does the item or collection enhance the Center's current holdings?
  • Are similar or duplicate items already in the Center's holdings?
  • Can the artifact fulfill a need in the permanent collection, or can it be used for educational purposes?
  • Are there any special restrictions associated with the item or collection?
  • Can the Center provide adequate storage and protection for the item or collection?
  • Can the donor or seller provide adequate proof of ownership?

The Center will generally not accept materials that do not fit within its collecting scope or significantly duplicate materials already in its holdings. In addition, the Center will usually not accept materials on which the donor has placed restrictions, such as the requirement for permanent or long-term exhibition, or that a collection only be displayed as a group. Loans of materials are not accepted, except in unusual circumstances (e.g. for display in a specific exhibit).

Exceptions may be granted in unusual circumstances.