Collecting scope

The Ukrainian History and Education Center's collecting scope currently emphasizes the following areas:

Ukrainian History
Artifacts and documents related to the tumultuous social, political, and religious history of Ukraine and its vicinity.
Ukrainian Material Culture, Folk Art, and Ethnography
Artifacts that illuminate the beliefs and cultural practices of the Ukrainian people, including textiles, embroidery, carvings, photographs, and period descriptions of traditional Ukrainian culture.
Ukrainian Fine and Religious Art
Paintings, scuptures, engravings, and other works by Ukrainian and Ukrainian-American fine and craft artists, and works by non-Ukrainian artists inspired by Ukrainian themes. Icons, vestments, and other religious ritual objects.
Immigration, Exile, and the Ukrainian-American Experience
The forces that caused Ukrainians to leave their native land, and the difficulties and triumphs encountered by them and their descendants.

In all of the above, "Ukraine" is defined broadly as the current boundaries of the current Ukrainian nation-state, as well as neighboring areas that currently have or have had a significant ethnically Ukrainian population.

The Archives division has a more detailed collecting policy.