Letter from UUARC to Oleksii Balabas

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Letter from UUARC to Oleksii Balabas



31 May 1954

Mr. Oleksa Balabas in Chicago, IL

Respected Sir!

We received your letter. In the matter of your moving to Germany, you will need to contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Chicago. However, you should think carefully whether this is a good thing for you to do. Next year you will already be able to receive old-age pension, which one can obtain after reaching age 65. Therefore, it would be worth it for you to finish working the required amount of time (one must have 18 months of employment before the end of one's 65th
year) and then you will get a pension on which you can peacefully live.

Do you have any family here in the USA or in Europe?

With respect,
Dr. Volodymyr Galan
Executive director


May 31, 1954


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