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00:00:00 - How do you remember Lesia Ukrainka in the context of her family and close friends? 00:02:13 - What was Lesia Ukrainka's relationship to her other family members? 00:03:09 - Did Lesia Ukrainka read her works to her family? 00:04:32 - What particular character traits of Lesia Ukrainka would you like to note? 00:05:36 - Did you have an opportunity to observe Lesia Ukrainka's relations with political circles or political parties? 00:06:04 - Were you a witness to political discussions that Lesia Ukrainka participated in? 00:06:50 - Could you briefly recall her political position? 00:07:12 - How do you think Soviet reality appears in the light of Lesia Ukrainka's viewpoint? 00:08:20 - We would like to hear your thoughts about recent biographical works about your sister. 00:09:03 - Discussion of the manuscript "Chronology of the Life and Work of Lesia Ukrainka" by Ol'ha Kosach. 00:10:08 - Could you tell us more about Ol'ha Kosach? 00:10:56 - Ol'ha Kosach was a physician, yes? 00:11:23 - For how long did Ol'ha Kosach work on this biography? 00:12:44 - What can you tell us about the publication status of this book? 00:13:08 - Can you give examples of how Soviet publications make Lesia Ukrainka out to be someone she never was? 00:14:42 - Earlier in our conversation, you mentioned another memoir about Lesia Ukrainka published in Kyiv. What factual errors do you believe it contains? 00:17:21 - What is your opinion of recent literary works in which Lesia Ukrainka appears as a heroine?