About us

The Ukrainian History and Education Center’s mission is to connect generations by telling the stories of Ukraine and Ukrainian Americans through its museum and archives. The UHEC has fulfilled this mission through rotating exhibitions, public access to archives, educational and cultural programming, and online resources that increase the appreciation of Ukrainian history and culture among non-Ukrainians and help Ukrainian Americans better understand their roots. It has functioned as the Museum and Archives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (sometimes better, though incorrectly, known as the "Museum in Bound Brook") since the 1960s, but in March 2018 was recognized by the IRS as a separate and distinct 501(c)(3) organization.

Located in central New Jersey along the New York-Philadelphia corridor, the UHEC has one of the premier US-based collections of artifacts and documents relating to Ukrainian history, culture, and the Ukrainian-American immigrant experience. The UHEC museum permanent collection consists of over 15,000 objects of folk art, fine art, and objects related to Ukrainian culture, history, and religious beliefs and practices.

The UHEC archives holds hundreds of collections documenting the cultural, religious, and political history of Ukraine and Ukrainians in the United States. It also has one of the largest collections of Ukrainian recorded sound and radio programming in the world, including over 1,500 cassette and open reel tapes, over 2,200 78 rpm shellac discs, and over 2,000 vinyl records.

The UHEC also operates the Nashi Predky/Our Ancestors Ukrainian genealogy outreach program, which presents workshops, conferences, and online webinars that introduce family historians not only to genealogy research methodology, but also to the complex history and culture of Ukraine and the surrounding region.