Available speakers, workshops, and resources

We are ready to provide educational outreach and contextualization of the current war on Ukraine for schools, libraries, and organizations in our vicinity of central/northern New Jersey (we are located in Somerset/Franklin Township, just north of New Brunswick), or virtually to locations further afield. We can also provide presentations, activities, and information on Ukrainian art and culture.

We can arrange speakers, workshops, primary source materials, and/or consultation on, among other things:

  • The historical context of current events.
  • The role of culture and language.
  • The history of previous waves of Ukrainian refugees and migrants.
  • Humanizing Ukraine and Ukrainians through exploration of their folk art.
  • Workshops on traditional Ukrainian folk arts, such as the making of pysanky (wax-resist decorated Easter eggs) and wrapped fabric dolls.

We are ready to work with teachers, librarians, and others to develop or adapt programming to the needs and interests of your particular classroom, institution, or organization.

We have an online quick explainer on historical and cultural context, and our past events listing will give you a flavor of what we have to offer. The Stories from Storage section of our website has examples of short videos, longer-form video podcasts, and slideshows that we have produced in the past. We may be able to create or adapt media content of this type that is tailored to your needs.

We are extremely grateful for, and have been heartened by, the incredible outpouring of support for Ukraine here in New Jersey and throughout the United States. While we are not an humanitarian aid organization and are not directly involved in collecting relief supplies or funds, we are doing our small part to help Ukraine by providing information and resources about Ukrainian history and culture for Americans.

Please contact us at info@UkrHEC.org with any questions or inquiries.