St. Petro Mohyla Artifacts

We have a number of artifacts associated with St. Petro Mohyla. Mohyla was born into a Moldovan family with connections to several noble houses of Europe, and became the Metropolitan Bishop of Kyiv in 1633. He used his diplomatic skills to try to defuse the volatile religious conflicts of his day, and his leadership made the collegium he founded a center of western-oriented learning and scholarship.

This epitrakhyl' (stole) is believed to have been used by Petro Mohyla.

Epytrakhyl of St. Petro Mohyla

Epitrakhyl. 17th century.

We also have a reliquary which was made for Petro Mohyla, and is inscribed on its base with his name.

Reliquary, bottom view

Reliquary. 17th century.