Prehistoric Ukrainian sausage?

Our collections have many historical and cultural treasures, but every once in a while we find something that is just precious (in the other sense of the word)...

The post-WWII migration of refugees from Ukraine was the first to include substantial numbers of highly-educated individuals. Due to their lack of proficiency in English, most were not able to find research or teaching positions at US colleges and universities. Instead, they often worked at menial jobs and tried to continue their scholarly work as amateurs. Without an academic community as a reality check, many ended up coming up with some rather fringe ideas.

This is the cover page of a monograph attempting to infer Ukrainian prehistory based on an etymological analysis that begins with the premise that the Ukrainian word for sausage ("kovbasa") is derived from the Hebrew words "kol"-"various" and "basar"-"meat". On its own, this etymology is not ridiculous, as Rudnyts'kyi's dictionary actually does list this as a possible origin (along with the French "calebasse" and the Turkic "külbasty"). But what our present author proceeds to do with it would probably be considered improbable or downright bizarre by most scholars.