2012 Genealogy Workshop

April 30, 2012

Michael Buryk (left) in a discussion with workshop participants

As part of its ongoing educational outreach, the UkrHEC hosted a presentation yesterday by family history researcher Michael Buryk.

Mr. Buryk focused on the Sanok area of southeastern Poland, where Poles, Ukrainians, and Rusyns had lived for centuries, but which was “ethnically cleansed” in 1947. He presented some historical background on the ever-shifting political boundaries in the region, discussed software and Internet resources, and shared his personal experiences accessing archival repositories in Poland and Ukraine. There was ample opportunity for participants to get to meet each other and the speaker, and to share places and surnames that they have an interest in.

The workshop attracted attendees from New Jersey, Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut, and even two individuals from Huntsville, Alabama (who happened to be in the area).

Thank you Mike for taking the time to come out, and thank you to all of the attendees!

You can find some of Mike Buryk's genealogical resources on his web page.