Happy 100th birthday to Ms. Irene Cehelsky!

February 28, 2021
Ms. Irene Cehelsky

Today, February 28, 2021 is the 100th birthday of Ms. Irene Cehelsky, the long-time curator of the Museum of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, now the Patriarch Mstyslav Museum of the Ukrainian History and Education Center. Here are some clips from a video about the museum that she made in the late 1990s.

The current leadership and staff of the UHEC owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Ms. Cehelsky's work in the early decades of the museum. We wish her good health and all the best!

Mnohii Lita, pani Iryno!

Update: It is with sadness that we note that Irene Cehelsky passed away on June 25, 2021, about 4 months after her 100th birthday.