UHEC celebrates Ukrainian Independence Day with "Stories from Storage" and kids' activity packet

August 24, 2020
Ukrainian Independence Day activity packet cover

Although this year we are celebrating the 29th anniversary of the independence of the current Ukrainian state, the struggle for Ukrainian independence has been going on for well over a century.

The UHEC's "Stories from Storage" series this month has been featuring the theme of Ukrainian independence. We invite you to view the videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and download an activities packet for your kids (or grandkids)!

Virtual exhibition revival - Cultural Identity to Statehood: Ukraine 1917-1921

This "virtual revival" presents highlights from the UHEC's 2018 exhibition that explored the building of Ukrainian statehood through education, scholarship, culture, religion, and the arts.


The "Prehistory" of the Ukrainian National Anthem

Learn about the origins and early recordings of "Shche ne vmerla Ukraina" from long before it officially became the national anthem.


Ukrainian American support for Ukrainian independence in 1918

Explore the stories behind a 1918 panorama photograph taken in Washington, D.C.