Virtual tour of Visible Music: The Art of Yukhym Mykhailiv

Portrait of Yukhym Mykhailiv

It may be a bit strange to present works that are hanging on a gallery wall in a series called “Stories from Storage”. However, this exhibition opened in the fall of 2019, and because of COVID-19, it has effectively been “in storage” since the beginning of April 2020. Here is your chance to get an overview of this groundbreaking exhibition of more than 30 rarely-seen works of Yukhym Mykhailiv (1885-1935)—one of the most undeservedly obscure Ukrainian artists of the 20th century—even though the UHEC's facilities are still closed at the time of this writing (in July 2020).


Also, listen to a musical reflection on Yukhym Mykhailiv's Ukrainian Sonata triptych by world-renowned bandurist Julian Kytasty performing in the UHEC Library Gallery in February 2020:









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