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Telling the stories of Ukraine and the Ukrainian American experience and connecting generations through exhibitions, archives, and educational programming.

The UHEC museum permanent collection consists of over 15,000 objects of folk art, fine art, religious ritual objects, textiles, and icons, as well as objects that document Ukrainian and Ukrainian American cultural, religious, and political history. The UHEC Archives holds hundreds of collections documenting the lives and work of Ukrainian and Ukrainian American individuals, families, organizations, and parishes.

The Mission of the UHEC is to foster a vibrant connection between past and future generations and communities to Ukrainian history, sprituality, arts and culture through educational programming, exhibitions, workshops and conferences and to provide access to researchers and educators to the permanent collections of the UHEC's Museum, Archive and Library to further their knowledge or develop curriculum for other learning institutions.

The Vision of the UHEC is to be the source for advancing knowledge and understanding of Ukrainian history, spirituality, arts, and culture through dynamic programming and exploration of our rich heritage. The UHEC will be a showcase for Ukraine's enduring relevance in world history telling the stories of the Ukrainian community.

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Friday, March 1st, 2024

Order your specially curated educational boxes with 3 hands-on crafts & lessons based on Ukrainian art and traditions.

Saturday, June 1st, 2024

Order your specially curated educational boxes with 3 hands-on crafts & lessons based on Ukrainian art and traditions.

Monday, August 12th, 2024

Travel through Ukraine with the UHEC as we learn about famous Ukrainian people, folk art, history and geography. During the Passport Through Ukraine Summer Camp, participants will have a daily opportunity to make crafts inspired by the people and traditions of Ukraine. Daily educational and art-based lessons have been curated by the UHEC Education Department and tailored for students aged 5 to 10.

Saturday, September 28th, 2024

Join Guest Instructor Stephanie Milan to make your own beaded bracelet, necklace or both! Gerdany are Ukrainian folk beaded necklaces made of seed beads in a woven or "net" like pattern. Traditionally worn with folk costumes, but make great statement pieces on their own today. All beading materials will be supplied to complete the traditional gerdan pictured. Adults and teens are welcome to participate and learn this traditional art form.

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