Family history

Genealogy research can be a hit-and-miss process that often comes down to finding just the right information source or word of advice from a more experienced researcher.

The UHEC is here to help you with your genealogy research! This includes regular programming by the "Nashi Predky" Ukrainian genealogy group at the UHEC, the Nashi Predky Facebook page (where over 3,000 people of all levels and interests share their knowledge and experience), and resources at the UHEC.

If you join the UHEC as a member, you can get access to video recordings of introductory talks from previous Nashi Predky conferences and get information on research resources and strategies.

There is also a chance that we may have the information that you need in our genealogy archival collections, especially if you had ancestors that were associated with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church either in the US or in post-war Germany, were parishioners of Ukrainian Orthodox Churches in German Displaced Persons Camps, were resettled as Displaced Persons in Maryland, or happen to be related to individuals who have donated their genealogy research notes to us.

Do you have family letters or other documents that might shed light on your ancestry, but you don't know the language or the handwriting is indecipherable? Does the ancestral village that you have from "family lore" not show up on any map? Our staff and volunteers may be able to help you make sense of such conundrums!