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As part of its ongoing educational outreach, the UkrHEC hosted a presentation yesterday by family history researcher Michael Buryk.

Posted: 9 years 7 months ago

"Thank you" to our recent donors of artwork, textiles, icons, and other artifacts.

Posted: 9 years 7 months ago

On March 26, the UkrHEC and the Franklin Township Library co-sponsored a lecture and demonstration by New York pysanka master Sofika Zielyk.

Posted: 9 years 8 months ago

24 students of the local Ukrainian Heritage School participated in a pysanka (Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs) workshop hosted by the UkrHEC.

Posted: 9 years 8 months ago

The UkrHEC presented an exhibit of pysanky (decorated Easter eggs) at the Franklin Township Public Library.

Posted: 9 years 9 months ago

Prof. Mezentsev of the University of Toronto returned this past Sunday to provide an update on his team's archeological studies.

Posted: 9 years 9 months ago

The Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center of NJ joins the Brooklyn Public Library and the US National Archives in contributing materials related to immigration and migration.

Posted: 9 years 10 months ago

On Sunday, November 20th 2011 we presented a screening of the film "Famine-33".

Posted: 10 years 2 weeks ago

Our director presented an overview of Ukrainian history and culture for a university class in Cultural Anthropology.

Posted: 10 years 3 weeks ago

As part of our educational mission, our archivist participated last week in a symposium sponsored by the Archivists' Roundtable of New York.

Posted: 10 years 1 month ago