Archives collecting policy

What we collect

The UHEC Archives continues to acquire materials, focusing primarily on collections that document the following areas:

  • The lives of Ukrainian political and religious refugees in post-WW II Germany and inter-War Europe
  • The lives of Ukrainian economic migrants and political/religious exiles in the United States through family and personal papers and institutional records
  • 20th century Ukrainian and Ukrainian American religious history
  • Ukrainian and Ukraine-related audio recordings, particularly home-made or one-of-a-kind recordings of events, speeches, lectures, concerts, personal/family recordings or “audio letters”, etc. on any medium. Please note: the UHEC already has thousands of published (not one-of-a-kind) LP and 78 rpm phonograph records in its holdings, and prospective donors should consult with the UHEC to make sure that any discs that they intend to donate are not already in the UHEC’s collection.
  • Materials related to the history of Ukrainian and Ukrainian American musical and spoken word recording, publishing, and distribution
  • Materials connected to Ukrainian-language and Ukraine-related radio broadcasting both in the United States and internationally, including (but not limited to) audio recordings, scripts, logs, and business records
  • Materials of use to genealogists and family historians, including family trees, family histories, research notes, and related materials

Preference will be given to collections with linguistic content in Ukrainian and/or English, and having only limited amounts of incidental material in other languages.

Organizations wishing to deposit their non-active records at the UHEC Archives should work with UHEC staff to craft a suitable deposit agreement (usually including eventual transfer of ownership) that protects the interests of both the donor organization and the UHEC.

What we do not collect

The following types of collections are generally not within the UHEC Archives collecting scope:

  • Collections which document the work of individuals who happen to be Ukrainian American, but which do not contain recognizable Ukrainian or Ukrainian American cultural or historical content.
  • Collections which are primarily literary or political in nature. The major exception to this are materials related to the Ukrainian People's Republic in Exile ("Українська Народнa Республіка в Екзилі"), the Ukrainian Revolutionary Democratic Party ("Українська Революційно-Демократична Партія"), and similar or adjacent groups. Please contact the archives with any questions.
  • Collections which contain a large fraction of digital materials, motion picture/video recordings, or other media in unusual formats. If your collection has materials of this kind, please contact the archives to discuss your particular collection.

Offers of materials outside of the UHEC’s archival collecting scope will be referred to other repositories with which the UHEC has working relationships. For truly significant collections outside of our collecting scope, UHEC staff will work with the prospective donor to find a suitable home for the collection.

Loans of materials are not accepted, except in very unusual circumstances (e.g. for display in a specific exhibition). 

Please contact with any questions.